This is a blog about my passion for character design and the research project that has sprung from that passion.

It all started a few years ago while I was teaching my students about designing visual identities (about color choices, typography, logo etc) and the topic of designing a brand character came up.

I began looking for literature, material, studies on this topic (ie the realtionship between character design and branding) that I could read to learn more and that I could pass on to my students at the Business Academy Aarhus( where I teach. But I found very little,and so I got the idea of filling this gap myself.

In August 2015 I got the chance to dvelve deeper in this topic for a year as I entered the Research and Innovation department at the academy.

The working title of my project is:

Character design in branding. Why and how to design brand mascots!

Hope you’ll enjoy reading about my research


Marlene Ahlgreen Jensen