A very basic part of my project is concerning the face as an important subject or motif for us human beings. We are sort of programmed to see, recognize and read faces. We communicate with our faces… In alot of ways.


It all starts when we are born and the distance our eyes can focus is the distance to our mothers face when breastfeeding.


My claim is that one of the reasons why characters are important and popular are because they appeal to us in a fundamental way. Understanding faces is a part of our survival.

So we are drawn to faces:


Elsie the cow – is the brand mascot of Borden Dairy Company developed in 1936.

Sometimes we see them in unexspected places:



And the latest example of our obsession with faces is this coffee cup lid:



Seen on Bored Panda

This is of course a korean invention.

So kiss your coffee :-*